Math League Update - Past News

Congratulations to Brendan Hurley for continuing to lead the pack in math league competition. In second place is Nick Grill, and tied for third are Blake Lowe and Isaac Michael. Henry Madden is in fourth, and Anna Flood, Harry Huang, Sammy Kacius, and Olivia Schneider are in fifth place. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!

Our next contest is Feb. 15! Please note:
Unfortunately, most math league competitions occur on dates that could involve inclement weather. This is unavoidable, so participants should be aware of the following:
–If school is starting on time, math league starts on time. If school has a delay, math league will have the same delay.
–Just as with regular school, parents have the option of keeping their students home if they are not comfortable with the driving conditions. Math league is not a required event, and there is no penalty for not attending. Student safety is paramount.
–The 7:15 start time allows students the required 30 minutes of work time before school officially starts. The purpose of math league is the contest itself, and all contest rules must be followed. Once the testing begins at 7:15, the testing environment is not interrupted. There is no late admission for any reason.

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