Parents of graduating seniors: - Past News

The college counselors met with all seniors today to complete the senior survey. This is an extremely important survey for a number of reasons:
  • It identifies your child’s plans for next year
  • It indicates where a final transcript needs to be sent in June
  • Allows for data collection of all decisions (admit, deny, waitlist, etc…) for each student
  • Determines what information goes into the graduation program. The graduation program will list post-secondary plans (college name, gap year, military, etc…) and what schools awarded money (merit, leadership, service, athletic). Need-based money is not included.
Students can update the survey until May 1st. At that time, any changes must go through the college counselor. Please take a moment in the next couple of days to have your senior open up their survey to confirm that they have completed everything correctly. Anything not listed, will not be in the program.

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