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There have been some changes made to our  Cathedral Christian Service Program to help our students grow in the Holy Cross tradition of serving the poor while at Cathedral.  These changes help us put an emphasis on Christian service and creates a faith-filled, compassionate and more Christ-like heart in our students.  The hours served throughout the students high school career gives them concrete ways to imitate Jesus who serves willingly, unselfishly, and lovingly, even when sacrifice is required.  Not only does service address the needs of others who are less fortunate than us, but is also challenges us to become better sons/daughters of Christ and may even open insights of possible career and/or vocations.  These requirements are not to feel like punishment, however, it is our hope that students will use their God given gifts to respond to different needs in our community and discover a commitment to service they can continue throughout their lives.    
Below are some of the changes:
~ Students must complete any incomplete service hours before beginning the 2018-2019 academic year. Hours must be submitted using the new Mobileserve APP or a Paper Cathedral time sheet.
~ Students were emailed the electronic “Christian Service Application” to complete and submit. Please note that they must be logged into their Cathedral email account in order to view and submit their application.
~ If your student selected an agency on the approved list, he/she will not can start volunteering and do not need approval. If their agency is not on the
approved agencies list, he/she will need an approval email before beginning to
volunteer. It is our duty to redirect any service request that do not follow the
Holy Cross service guidelines. We will help make suggestions if needed.
~ Students, including freshman, have received an email inviting them to down load the Mobileserve APP that we will be tracking hours for this academic year. No paper time sheets will be accepted. Students will receive detailed instructions on how to record their hours on the app.
~ New approved agency summer requests are listed as they come in. You will find them at the top of the “Approved Agencies” list.

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