School IDs and Lanyard - Past News

School IDs
Our technology team is working feverishly to get student IDs to students who have requested one. Freshmen who have an ID but do not have a barcode (needed to scan for lunch) can get their sticker from Mr. Kubuske. Everyone will get a new ID picture after August 23 when School Pictures are taken.
In effort to increase our safety, all students, faculty and staff are required to wear their lanyards to school daily.  Any parent who enters the building should always check in at the front desk to receive an orange sticker.  This enables us to identify people who do not belong on our campus
Lost Lanyards
 If a student forgets their lanyard they are assigned a red lanyard for the day. After the first offense, students will receive a detention (equal to 5 days of structured Flex time). If the lanyard and/or ID have been lost, students can purchase a replacement for $10 from the technology office before or after school.

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