Parking Lot Concerns - Past News

Cathedral High School is happy to offer parking for our teachers, staff, and students. But with new drivers, tight quarters, and a one way entrance/exit, accidents happen. It’s important to note that, although it may be unfortunate, we understand and there is no school disciplined involved in a simple fender bender.

Please have a conversation with your young driver so that if your child accidentally bumps, scratches, or hits someone’s parked car they have the integrity to report it to someone. They can let the front office know or leave a note on the offended vehicle. At that point it can be handled simply between two families and their insurance company. However, if your child leaves the scene without reporting, we unfortunately have to get the authorities involved and that can become a civil/criminal matter. This is not our goal, but we have to protect and serve ALL of our students, the offended and the offender.

Last Thursday, November 29 there was an incident of this type. A student went out to their car to find damage and pieces of the offenders car left behind at the scene. If your son our daughter has new damage, which could include missing pieces of a front or rear bumper, to their silver vehicle they may be responsible for this damage. Have an honest conversation, and if they did hit another car but did not report it, it is important that they come and let us know as soon as possible. There is an investigation under way, and if our resource officer is able to identify the perpetrator before he/she comes forward it will be handed over to IMPD.

Again, we want what is best for each of our students. We can serve and help if they have enough integrity to be honest and own their mistake.

If you or your driver have any further questions please reach out to Vice Principal Jere Kubuske.

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