Soloist and Ensemble Results!

Congratulation to the following students!


Anna Pohl – Flute solo (one point from perfect score)

Brendan Hurley – Clarinet solo

Joshua Bean – Alto Sax solo

Joseph Khonwai – Alto Sax solo

Gabriel Tice – Alto Sax solo (½ point from perfect score)

Jack Haas – Marimba solo

Anna Marcou – Marimba solo

Dominic Quadrini – Timpani solo

Nandi Hawkins – Drum set solo (½ point from perfect score)

Silver rating

Claudia Darnell – Flute solo (one point from gold)

Veronica Newton – Flute solo (one point from gold)

Joshua Hall – Alto Sax solo

Edwin Perez – Alto Sax solo

Maliq Washington – French horn solo

Colin O’Dell – Snare drum solo (one point from gold)

Gia Peduto – Marimba solo

Corinne Veazie – Marimba solo (one point from gold)


Gold rating

Kayla Barlow flute solo

Amelia DeSanto flute solo

Chloe Miller flute solo

Katie Timble flute solo

Miller flute trio (Kayla Barlow, Chloe Miller, Katie Timble)

Hurley clarinet ensemble (Brendan Hurley, Anthony DeSanto, Scarlett Mena, Ariona Ayers, Jessica Perez, Xander VanWienen, Cam Driver)

Hall saxophone ensemble (Josh Hall, Gabriel Tice, Josh Bean, Ben Irwin, Joseph Khonwai, Edwin Perez, Derrius Fisher, Brenda Ponce, Trey Heyward, Ethan Lamar, Navi Neal, Nicholas Rodecap)

Andrew Marcou – snare drum solo

Silver rating

Newton flute quartet (Veronica Newton, Arianna Darling, Amelia DeSanto, Myhea Hollingsworth)

Mena clarinet quartet (Scarlett Mena, Anthony DeSanto, Jessica Perez, Ariona Ayers)

Webb trumpet trio (Jia Webb, Jake Kallman, R.J. O’Neal)

Kallman trumpet ensemble (Jake Kallman, R.J. O’Neal, Ike Richey, Jia Webb, Marco Acevedo, Ethan Downs, Dominic Blythe, Gabriel Keltner, Tristen Arkenau, Eathan Herald, Danny Poglitsh, Clayton Timble)

Bronze rating

John Chandler – Marimba solo

Chase Stewart – Snare drum solo


Gold rating

Patrick Downey – tuba solo

Hollingsworth flute trio – Myhea Hollingsworth, Emily Nevins, Janiah Reese

Silver rating

McGinley-King low brass ensemble – Annabella McGinley-King, Donovan Pierce, Alexis Mattingly, Nathan Overstreet, Jacob Overstreet, Patrick Downey, Aniya Exum

Aaron Cotton – snare drum solo

Ben Munoz – snare drum solo

Bronze rating

Washington French horn quartet – Maliq Washington, Dante Zawadzki, Michelle Dominguez-Molina, Jesus Contreras

Acevedo misc. Brass trio – Marco Acevedo, Ike Richey, Jacob Overstreet


Gold rating

Drew Snyder – Marimba solo – gold

Silver rating

Ben Cho – Marimba solo

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