American Mathematics Competition - Past News

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the prestigious first round of the American Mathematics Competition series on Feb. 7.  These students were recommended for participation by their teachers, and then they sacrificed two periods of their school day to work on the thought provoking problems of the test.  Kudos to them all as we await the results!  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!
PJ Avery, JJ Braun, Lauren Caldwell, John Chai, Andrew Darling, Olivia DeLise, Henry Eifert, Nathan Fiedeldey, Lauren Frank, Andrew George, Eric George, Nick Grill, Ella Hagenow, Jackson Hern, Kristen Hohman, Harry Huang, Brendan Hurley, Grace Jarrett, Sammy Kacius, Alex Koers, Cooper Koers, Anabel Konesco, Cassie Kronenberger, JJ Lay, Sean Ledford, Quinn Leous, Christian Lo, Hailey Loftin, Blake Lowe, Andi Manship, Sophie Mernitz, Isaac Michael, Anya Neumeister, Lindy Parr, Dominic Quadrini, Lloyd Sage, Allison Schneider, Olivia Schneider, Nate Schoenfeld, Natalie Schorr, John Sheddy, Ava Sweeney, William Teasley, Katie Timble, Erika Weed, Levi Wojtalik, Bill Zhang

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