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There will be a training session in Anderson on “Parenting a Teenager”. The training is free, but registration is required. See this flier for more info.

Teens have a natural tendency to want more privacy. In this digital world, teens have the capacity to live private lives making it difficult for parents to monitor how their teen is presenting themselves on social media. Being active on social media, they are sharing information which means they aren’t necessarily being private. Teens perceive the digital world as belonging to them. They are growing up in this generation of information technology, which is creating a generational gap with parents who grew up with connected technology. Do you remember talking to your friends on the phone, connected to the wall in the kitchen with a ridiculously long, coiled phone cord? In order to get some sliver of privacy, you had to stretch that ridiculously long, coiled phone cord as far way from your parents and siblings as you could, right? Teens in this generation today, are digital natives and for the most part see the digital world as being a safe place to share information. However, they are smart. They know parents are on social media and monitoring their devices and accounts. Have you ever scrolled through your teen’s text messages or social media accounts to see what they are up to and found yourself reading a foreign language? Here is a link to a blog post retrieved from Protect Young Eyes that can help you decode your teen’s messages. Protect Young Eyes is an organization dedicated to creating and providing information and programming to keep teens safe online, using technology responsibly.

Is your student addicted to technology? Here are 5 ideas to create healthy habits. 

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