The goal of all advising at Cathedral High School is to help students achieve their academic and professional aspirations.  College selection is at the heart of this process. Through an individualized approach, academic schedules are planned which take into consideration all aspects of the student:  his/her ability, personal and spiritual preparedness, motivation, and vision for the future. Counselors make every effort to connect with all students, getting to know them beyond the surface level, so that their guidance is given with thoughtful consideration to the many factors which enter into student success.  In addition, teachers work carefully with the counselors to encourage students to challenge themselves along the academic journey.  In short, Cathedral High School is dedicated to a student centered educational process.  For purposes of overall planning, academic advising takes into consideration two sets of state guidelines for college preparation, which offer students a positive curricular balance for college entrance as well as an increased opportunity for need-based funding at the post-secondary level. These two regimens, Core 40 or Core 40 with Academic Honors, are described on the following pages.  It should be emphasized that, under no circumstances, will any set of requirements supersede the individual needs of a student, but they should be familiar to Cathedral families and used as possible guidelines for course selection.


The following is a list of Cathedral High School course requirements for graduation. Additional requirements are needed to meet Core 40 and/or the Academic Honors Diploma.

Biology2 Credits
Chemistry, Physics, or ICP2 Credits
Composition1 Credit
Economics1 Credit
Electives3 Credits
English8 Credits
Fine Arts2 Credits
Government1 Credit
Health and Safety1 Credit
Mathematics8 Credits
Physical Education2 Credits
Science Elective
2 Credits
Speech/Debate1 Credit
Theology8 Credits
U.S. History2 Credits
World Language4 Credits
World History2 Credits
Total50 Credits

A math course must be taken during each semester of a student’s tenure at Cathedral.

Important Notes:

1.          All Cathedral students must meet the World Language requirement.

2.          The Language Support Program also requires at least two years (4 semesters) of Composition/Writing.

3.         Freshmen placed in Honors English take Honors or AP World History.  Freshmen placed in Honors English may take Honors Biology.  Freshmen placed in Academic English take Academic Biology. Freshmen placed in College Prep English are recommended to take College Prep Biology.

4.         All level changes or unusual schedule combinations must involve the teacher and Counselor and have the final approval of the Vice Principal for Academics.


The Indiana State Department of Education and the Commission for Higher Education strongly recommend that all students complete the Core 40 requirements in order to be considered for regular admission to Indiana’s four-year public colleges, two-year public colleges or entry into the workforce. In addition, if a student completes Core 40 with a 2.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale) and meets financial need guidelines, that student can receive up to 90 percent of approved tuition and fees at Indiana public colleges and universities.  There is also increased interest from private colleges as well as organizations in awarding aid to very successful Core 40 students. The Core 40 and Academic Honors Diploma are subject to change. Cathedral will communicate any changes made by the state as soon as we are informed of such changes.

Core 40 requirements are as follows:

Language Arts: 8 credits in Literature, Composition and Speech

Mathematics: 6 credits distributed as 2 Algebra I, 2 Geometry, and 2 Algebra II

Science:  6 credits in laboratory science (2 Biology, 2 Chemistry or Physics or Integrated Chemistry/Physics, and 2 credits from any Core 40 science course)

Social Studies: 6 credits distributed as 2 U. S. History, 1 U. S. Government, 1 Economics, 2 World History/Civilization or Geography/History of the World

Physical Education: 2 credits (two semesters)

Health and Safety: 1 credit (one semester)

5 credits from World Languages, Fine Arts or Career/Technical

6 credits from Electives


At Cathedral High School no diploma is valued more than another. As a college preparatory institution, student career goals and aspirations are considered in all planning. For some, meeting the Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma requirements may be important, especially for financial aid reasons. For other students, who may have identified specific interests and post-secondary schools to match those interests, the Core 40 with Academic Honors requirements may have less significance. Throughout the career and college exploration period, which encompasses all four years of high school, students will work with their counselors to research the needs of different higher education institutions.

There are several benefits to meeting the requirements for the Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma.  First, successful completion of the requirements listed below, as well as other admission requirements, may help with admission to some of Indiana’s state universities.  Second, if the student meets state need based financial aid guidelines, he/she may receive tuition assistance to public colleges and universities. Finally, some private Indiana colleges also give automatic scholarships if the student meets the Core 40 with Academic Honors standards.

A student meeting the Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma requirements listed below will have a designation included on his/her diploma.

English/Language Arts, Literature, Composition, Speech: 8 credits

Social Studies: 6 credits (2 credits of U.S. History, 1 credit of U.S. Government, 1 credit of Economics, and 2 credits of World History/Civilization.)

Mathematics: 8 credits (Algebra first and second year, Geometry, and one upper level course.)

Science: 6 credits (2 credits of Biology, 2 credits of Chemistry or Physics and 2 more credits of Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Space Science, Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry or Advanced Physics or a program of equal rigor.)

World Language: 6-8 credits (6 credits in one language or 4 credits each in two different languages.)

Fine Arts: 2 credits (Any courses in Visual Arts, Music, Theatre Arts and Dance.)

Health and Safety: 1 credit

Physical Education: 2 credits

A student must earn at least a “C-” in every class above and have an overall “B” average.

Additionally for the Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma, students must complete one of the following:

  • Four Advanced Placement credits and corresponding AP exams or four IB credits and corresponding IB exams.
  • Academic, transferable dual high school/college course(s) resulting in 6 college credits
  • Complete a combination of Advanced Placement courses (2 credits) and corresponding AP exam and academic transferable dual high school/college course(s) resulting in 3 college credits
  • Earn a composite score of 1250 or higher on the SAT and a minimum of 560 on math and 590 on the evidenced based reading and writing section.
  • Earn an ACT composite score of 26 or higher and complete written section.

The following is a list of the Advanced Placement Courses offered:

Biology, APMacroeconomics, AP
Calculus AB, APMicroeconomics, AP
Calculus BC, APMusic Theory, AP
Chemistry, APPsychology, AP
Computer Science A, AP
Spanish V, AP
Computer Science Principles AP Spanish VI, AP
English Lang and Composition, APStatistics, AP
Environmental Science, APStudio Art AP: Drawing
European History, APStudio Art AP: 2D Design
French V, APStudio Art AP: 3D Design
German V, APU.S. Government & Politics, AP
Human Geography, APU.S. Government & Politics, AP/We the People
Latin V, APU.S. History, AP
Literature and Composition, APWorld History, AP

Cathedral High School does not offer the Technical Honors Diploma.